A totally handy chart of the WordPress DB schema

When working with WordPress, I often need to reference specific columns in the database. I’ve got most of them memorized (ID, post_author, post_date, post_content, etc, etc) but every now and then I’ll need to get at some data and can’t recall where it’s stored. Enter the handy WP DB schema chart!

This is accurate as of WP 3.0, which isn’t exactly cutting edge, but the schema isn’t something they change very often and I’ve yet to find any errors in it. If charts ain’t your thing, check our a full description of the database in the WP Codex.

Learning the columns and tables and the relationships between everything is a great way to pick up speed as a WP developer. Bookmark that chart (or the WP codex page) and check it often. You’ll find yourself making more advanced queries in no time.

DATE20th June, 2012



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