Meta Valuables ebook available now

I’m happy to announce the release of my first ebook, Meta Valuables.

Meta Valuables is a 45 page look into the world of meta data, the extra bits of information that WordPress let’s us tack onto posts, pages, and users. The book is filled with code samples and real-world examples which will leave you with a better understanding of how to manipulate meta data in every WordPress project you tackle.

The ebook is available for as little as $2, with name your pricing for anyone feeling generous. For your donation, you’ll get a DRM-free PDF file (both at the time of purchase and emailed to you as a backup), along with a TXT file for good measure.

These lessons are meant for the learning WordPress developer, someone familiar with editing template files, basic PHP functions, the template hierarchy, etc. You’ll need a test or local install to follow along in code, but don’t let that scare you. Getting dirty with your WordPress templates is something every developer should look forward to.

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Space still available in June 10 class

This book was originally written as the supporting text for my upcoming class, Meta Valuables, Unleash the hidden power of WordPress meta data, taking place on June 10 at Cospace in Austin, TX from 3-6PM.

The course is being offered through SkillShare, a new startup for organizing local learning sessions taught by hobbyists and professionals (like me!). Tickets are $25, but at the time of publishing, I’m a featured class, so you can score a $5 off scholarship from Appssavvy (details on the Skillshare page).

Buy a Ticket

Because we’ll be doing plenty of hands-on coding, this class is limited to just 20 students (a third the spots of which are already taken). I anticipate this class filling up, so if you’d like to join us, head on over to Skillshare and claim yourself a ticket.

Of course, all students get free access to the ebook, including a rare printed form (I guess, thus making it not an ebook, haha). In addition to the ebook, all students will also get a FREE personal hosting plan from WP Engine, the finest damn host WordPress could ever ask for. They’re based here in Ausin and have a habit of swooping in and supporting events like this, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on @WPengine.

DATE8th June, 2012


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  1. Aman

    I have a confusion; What is the difference b/w Custom Fields and Meta Data??
    Is there anything I can do with Meta Data that I cannot do with Custom Fields??

    • Clark (Author)

      Custom fields are a way of entering meta data. Meta data is extra information about a post, user, or comment. They get their own DB tables and whole slew of functions.

      Custom fields exist on the Write Post (or page, custom post type) screen and are simply one way to manipulate meta data.

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