Passhhh! A new plugin that tells WordPress to shut up.

I’m happy to share that I’m in the process of submitting my second plugin to the WordPress repository. In keeping with the theme of my first plugin, simplicity, this thing is a single function that does almost nothing. But if you run a big site, you’d be mad not to include it.

Any time a user resets or changes a password, the admin email gets a notification. If you run a small site, no big deal. If you have thousands of users, this can get annoying. The solution was a simple one, which is included in-full below:

[code id=”661″]

Basically WordPress has a function called wp_password_change_notification(), which we simply detect then replace with an empty function of our own. This means that any time wp_password_change_notification() would normally run, instead nothing will happen.

Success! This plugin should be in the respository in the next few days. If you can’t wait, copy/paste the source above into passhhh.php and get rolling!

DATE5th June, 2012



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