The Kloutulator cometh

My fascination with Klout has been growing over the past few months. If you’re not familiar, Klout is a service that tracks activity across various social networks and digests everything into a simple 1-100 index. You can link up a Twitter account, Facebook, Google+, etc. At the time of writing, my Klout score is a 51. my Go give me some Klout.

If you are familiar with my main project, Android and Me, you know that we also dabble in points and rankings. Users can earn points for reputation and to unlock certain permissions around the site. As we move into more points-based permissions, we wanted to give new users a way to jump-start their point total. Our main argument: If someone is influential in other areas of the web (especially social), should he have to re-prove himself on our site?

We’ve been there before. You join a new community and spend weeks trying to build some reputation/ratio/friends/whatever-that-network-happens-to-call-it. On our site, if there was a sweet permission locked away behind some points, we didn’t want to exclude a potentially awesome user just because his account was new. To give fresh accounts a quick way to power up their point totals, I’ve built The Kloutulator- a digital influence exchange, if you will:

It uses the Klout API to check the score of the user and applies a number of calculations to produce an awesomely weighted score. The main conversion rate is based on the Klout score of @androidandme. It also polls for topics of influence and provides point bonuses for certain keywords (such as Android, Apps, etc). The Kloutulator will even remember how much +K you’ve cashed in to date so if your score ever increases you can come back and cash in the remainder.

While I’m obviously a bit biased, I think this is a totally rad idea. Converting work/connections you’ve completed in other areas of the web into real advantages on a new platform makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

DATE23rd October, 2011


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