What type of WordPress theme should I make?

In the next few weeks, I’m going to make a series of three WordPress themes for public consumption, and I need some quick advice on which type of theme you’d like to see me release. I’m fairly certain theme one will be a news theme, and theme two will be a portfolio theme, but theme three is still in the air.

The themes will be fully responsive for perfect performance on all devices and will have only a minimal set of theme options (which will be completely removable, if desired, like I would). A good bit of the design is going to be done by @angiedoes, so I know things will come out looking sharp.

Which of the following WordPress themes should I release?

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Sound off in the comments below if you’ve got some extra ideas. I’m starting the builds pretty soon and I’m still open to feature suggestions…

DATE26th January, 2012


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  1. zch

    I voted Developer theme because I can’t very well recall having ever seen a developer specific theme… Something with built in support for code snippets and what not.

    Also, I understand the appeal of the github snippets, but your old code snippet stuff was so much prettier.

    • clark (Author)

      Yeah this was the first Gist I ever used, and I mainly was trying it for the code management features. Dropping huge amounts of markup in my actual posts (even with a plugin) is sucky. Is there a WP plugin for displaying code that has built-in snippet management? Like where I can add code independent from a post?

      Shit, maybe that should be a feature of my theme. A custom post type for code.

      • zch

        I think there are a few plugins for code snippets. Built in would be cool though. Either a custom field or just a shortcode wrapper.

  2. zch

    Also your backend wordpress clock seems to be very off.

  3. Joe

    I chose portfolio because, fwiw, there are few intelligent designs that attempt to deal with the specific needs of the viewer.

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