Change the default avatar in WordPress

If you’ve ever wanted to change the default avatar in WordPress, all you need is a quick filter in functions.php that inserts and names your new avatar. Once you add the markup below, you’ll see your new avatar type listed in wp-admin > Settings > Discussion along with the choices like Identicons and MonsterID. The code:

[code id=”585″]

This is a pretty simple one. Our function newavatar() is hooked to the avatar_defaults, and we simply add our new avatar choice, which includes a path to the image URL along with a title (pigs!). At the end, we return the defaults, which has been impregnated with our new custom avatar, and no one is ever the wiser!

DATE2nd February, 2012


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  1. Hi Clark. I have seen and used this before, but now I am experiencing that now matter what URL you send, WP puts a in front of it, which breaks the image on the Discussion Settings page (and I presume everywhere else). Have you seen this? Do you have any idea how to get around this?

  2. Hi Kathy,

    I have your same problem, have you found the solution? Really curious about that!

  3. I believe this code goes to your functions.php in your theme. And when you select an default avatar, you will see a new option to select.

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